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Listed below are some of the buyers I am working with. With my clients permission I will be posting buyers ads on this site to assist in the search for their next real estate opportunity. Real Estate Brokers and property owners alike are encouraged to contact me if your home is on the market and fits what the buyer is looking for. If your home is not on the market and you are looking for a buyer.....Let me know as well. All buyers listed here have been pre-qualified and or pre-approved by a mortgage banker and are ready to buy!





Status:   Active

Buyer SG14

Price:    $200,000 or less

Type:     Multi-Family  Properties Only
Size        N/A
Bed:        N/A
Lot Size:  Will depend on property
Style:       Open

Financing:  Seller Carry Options (Land Sales Contract and Personal Deed of Trust)

Pre-Approved:   N/A Buyer has cash for down payment.   Looking for opportunities  where seller can carry contract for at least 3 years.   Down payment may vary with terms and condition of property.


Portland Metro Area.  Prefer close in east and west side of Portland but will consider opportunities in other areas.  

Must Haves:

Properties must be on public water and sewer


Will Not Consider: 


Will not consider properties that need major upgrades before  leasing or renting out.    

Fred Stewart - Buyers Best Bet

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